HNI Comex Pack


The HNI Pack is designed for high net worth investors who have a large amount of wealth and a large capacity for risk in order to be rewarded correspondingly given that risk and return are inversely proportional to one another. Our research team is committed to developing services in line with the requirements and preferences of Clients who choose the HNI Pack. They take care of their clients’ capital investments and educate them on optimal, or the acceptable number to invest in each deal.

Major products including Gold, Silver, Crude oil, and Copper are included in the HNI Pack. Complete instructions on the proper trading technique are provided, and regular updates on upcoming news and economic events are provided. These services are perfect for clients with high profits who want a coach to show them the way. Our research team devotes over 68–70 years of work to creating, delivering, and delighting customers with our product.

INVESTMENT IS NEEDED                                                        

$5000 and above


 Recommendation depend: Determined by the

customer portfolio strategy. Breakout Sessions

 will include Per Day and Spacial Strategy.


Don’t maintain varying lots for a particular instrument very frequently; instead, trade in each instrument with Fixed Lots.

 As you receive advice, accept it.

Risk management includes Stop Loss as a critical component. Please always follow by stop losses and exit trades when they are reached. Book Partial (50 percent is advised; the remaining amount depends on your risk tolerance) and change your stop loss to cost to prevent a loss on your position. Do not forget your rules.


 Recommendations can be found using Whatsapp & Call.

Purchase above the level. DISTRIBUTE Above LEVEL

Positions available at any one time will depend on customer risk tolerance. routine follow-ups one-on-one assistance Important economic and news items include ECB monetary policy, FED minutes, and foreign currency reserves. World Market developments Periodical News Letter


SELL GOLD IN XAUUSD AT 1745.50 – 1746

– SL = 1753.50

– TP1 = 1735.50

– TP2 = 1725.50


Book profit @1736

Select Your Plan

1 Months


3 Months


6 Months